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4 Tangy Reasons “Paav Bhaaji” is so irresistibly Tempting!

If you recently noticed an increasing crowd in front of that handcart, profoundly called “Thelaa”, on the street corner all because it sells Paav Bhaji, you shouldn’t be surprised. While not denying the likelihood that you have either not yet tasted this tangy North Indian delight or have not been fortunate to enjoy it more than once, you better know that Paav Bhaji is one of most favourite dishes eaten out by people. For foodies, it is an ever welcome dish and so it is for those anticipating a monotony break. Reasons aplenty can be counted behind its popularity but the truth remains – this simple to cook delicious delicacy has been ruling the “foodies world” for decades now!

Interestingly, one doesn’t have to be a “Master Chef” or have taken cooking classes to that effect when Paav Bhaaji is in mind. This is a really humble dish that calls for limited resources, little cooking skill and bit of experience. As modest as the resources needed, you can have the dish served in no time! Certainly, this long cherished Indian preparation tops the menu cards of even some of the top notch food outlets, and is amongst those highly chosen dishes which every restaurant owner would pertinently include in the menu!

So, Paav Bhaji is an equally fond choice in online food orders. Customers ordering food online don’t have to think twice if they see the piquant preparation there on offer by a particular restaurant. This growing fame naturally persuades us to go find out reasons why ordering Paav Bhaji online or having it in a restaurant is so irresistibly tempting? Here are 4 reasons we have discovered:

  • Easily accessible ingredients, simple process: Having a look at a Paav Bhaji platter, anyone can easily make out its ingredients. First constituent in the dish is of course Bread or Paav which is neither a costly affair not out of approach; you can get packets of the neatly cut, spongy, bread pieces at a nearby bakery or a grocery store.
    Primary “Bhaaji” or vegetable is Potato which is steam cooked and then into pieces to mesh. The quick to cook vegetable can be added spice with variety of elements. By the time vegetable gets ready, Paav gets friend on the iron pan. Few additions like onion slices, lemon pieces, coriander, etc adorn the dish and there it is ready to serve.
    Whether is a get together of fifty members or is required in a family of three, Paav Bhaji preparation is undeniably easy and agile.
  • Faster home delivery guaranteed: You hate waiting isn’t that? Especially when you are anticipating a food, brunch or snacks to be home delivered, wait is the last thing you would want. Well, whenever you order Paav Bhaji at a nearby retail outlet, or have ordered it online, you are less likely to wait.